For organisations with multiple legal entities and multiple general ledger files, paper- and email-based processes for accounts payable are extremely inefficient. If their entities are also geographically distributed, things get even more difficult. The same goes for organisations that have multiple locations but a single centralised accounting department. Handling AP and AR approvals by email in such scenarios takes far too much time and effort, and some things always fall through the cracks no matter how hard you try.

ApprovalMax addresses such challenges with an approval automation solution for accounts payable that provides granular differentiation of approval levels and an automated step-by-step audit trail.

Centralised spend control via approval automationacross all sites and entities
Complete eradication of error-prone paper- or email-basedauthorisations
Fully traceable and audit-ready
approval process
No more time spent on approver chasing and approval routing
Mobile app for on-the-go decision making
and purchase requisition

Learn more about the ApprovalMax benefits for multi-entity organisations from our customers and Partners:

Faye Thompson

“We have recently acquired a new client – an alternative energy group made up of 53 entities, each representing one of the group’s windmills. For managing efficiently a purchase invoice approval process as extensive as this client needs, they and Wilder Coe had to adopt a digitised and unified approach. That’s why we implemented ApprovalMax, the leading approval automation solution for Xero. Both we and our client are extremely happy with this software. It has exceeded everybody’s expectations!”

Fay Bordbar

Assistant Manager
“When it comes to managing supplier invoices, clients may have complex authorisation processes that require time-consuming and error-prone manual orchestration. This means they constantly have to validate where in the authorisation queue each invoice is and who’s currently responsible for its approval. Using ApprovalMax to automatically pick up and route new supplier invoices for approval eliminates manual work and human errors. It also ensures that all proper authorisations are in place before an invoice is paid. We now have clear, real-time visibility into our clients’ invoices, and our clients really appreciate the ease and convenience of using the ApprovalMax mobile app while away from their desk, or whilst travelling on business around the world.”

Rick Hemphill

Associate Director — Business and Private Client Advisory
“Proud of our history and prouder still of our forward-thinking capabilities, we’ve kept our finger firmly on the pulse of technological trends and how they apply to our clients’ specific business case requirements. One thing’s for sure, the need for proper approvals has never been greater. Complementing a cloud accounting platform with an approval management app to replace a manual or email-based approval process is very rewarding. It boosts productivity and helps you establish a proactive, real-time decision-making process that ensures better process efficiency and higher executive accountability.”

David Wieseneck

VP Finance
“ApprovalMax provides exactly what we need. Since Xero does not have a very good approval process in place, ApprovalMax takes care of this really well. You can set it up in 5 minutes and the integration works a treat. No more bugging Approvers to have them log into Xero and sort out approvals!”