Multi-step and
multi-level approvals

With our flexible workflow builder it is easy to recreate any authorisation policy. Set up rule-based conditional, sequential and parallel approvals and fine-tune the role for approvers. The approval routing rules support multiple criteria; such as amount, GL code, supplier, tracking category for Xero and Vendor, Class, Amount for QuickBooks Online.

Automated notifications
and comments

Approvers get automated notifications and reminders, comments can be left in the approval steps for transparent team collaboration. Real-time reports allow the finance team to quickly identify bottlenecks in case of delays.


Add an auto-approval step to a workflow and specify which kinds of documents are to be approved without any manual intervention. This way you can save the approvers time and help them focus on what’s really important.

On-the-fly changes
and exception handling

ApprovalMax offers various capabilities to support approval exceptions: approval delegation, default approvers, the detection of "No approver found" cases and the option to force an approval decision.

Mobile, email
and web approval

Authorise bills and purchase orders the way that suits you best. There are three options for approving: from a mobile device, via web access or straight from the notification with the “Approve from an email” function. So, all possible work scenarios are covered.

How much could your organisation save with ApprovalMax?

Maximize your impact and see how much you can save by automating your approval workflows and streamlining your finance function.

How much could your organisation save with ApprovalMax?

Benefits of using ApprovalMax for approval automation

Unified and standardised authorisation for all finance documents
Flexible, multi-level routing with approval criteria based on custom accounting rules
No-hassle approvals with automated notifications and the option to approve on the go
Complete approval traceability and automated audit trails

12 ways approval automation improves your experience with Xero

12 ways approval automation improves your experience with Xero