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Once you automate all your data entry with ApprovalMax Capture, you’ll never look back. Our built-in tool scans bills into your system and kick-starts the approval process for you, putting the days of doing it manually behind you.

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Getting started

ApprovalMax Capture is available for Xero customers in all regions, with QuickBooks Online and Oracle NetSuite compatibility coming soon. Simply add ApprovalMax Capture to your existing subscription, set up your preferences, and sync to your approval processes. Capture will even auto-fill Xero bill fields based on supplier history for a smoother experience.

Want to try it out? ApprovalMax Capture is included in our 14-day free trial for both new and existing customers, allowing you to upload up to 100 documents.

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Automate your accounts payable
There’s a better way to set up and manage accounts payable. Using automation right from the start, ApprovalMax Capture is designed to save you time and reduce errors, so your data input is correct from the very first stage.

Know when bills are coming in, who has approved them, and even manage payments, all from a single platform. Take a few easy steps and set up your processes to take you all the way from preparation to payment.
Automate your accounts payable

Frequently asked questions

Who can use ApprovalMax Capture?

ApprovalMax Capture is available to businesses, accountants and bookkeepers using Xero across all regions. It will be available to those using QuickBooks Online and Oracle NetSuite later this year.

What languages does it work with?

ApprovalMax Capture can recognise and import bills in more than 40 languages, including English, Spanish, German, and Chinese. 

Is there a limit to how many bills I can process?

There’s no limit to how many bills you can scan and import using ApprovalMax Capture. Simply select the right subscription level for your volume. If you reach your limit, we’ll let you know and offer the option of upgrading.

Is this included in my ApprovalMax subscription?

ApprovalMax Capture is available as an add-on to your existing subscription. Once activated, you can access it via your usual login. For full details on pricing and plans, please visit our pricing page.

Unlock a secure and convenient way to pay bills

Use open banking technology to pay approved bills in a single platform using ApprovalMax Pay.

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