ApprovalMax enhances the performance and efficiency
of firms that manage accounts payable

Become an ApprovalMax Partner

Become an ApprovalMax Partner

Our Partner Programme is designed for accounting and bookkeeping firms who provide accounts payable processing services to their clients. It is also for cloud integrators, advisors, and resellers who want to become experts in ApprovalMax to pass on the benefits of the features to their clients.

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Our Partners ❤️ ApprovalMax

Katherine O'Carroll

Head of Business Outsourcing, BDO UK
"ApprovalMax is an important part of BDO’s outsourcing offering as it provides better transparency and control of the finance authorisation process. It helps enable remote management of their clients’ finance operations while making sure that levels of data accessibility and security remain high."

Carolyn Tait

Managing Director, No Fuss Business
“Clients usually don’t find it easy to hand over control when transitioning to outsourced accounting and bookkeeping. They want to be involved and see what’s going on – which is where ApprovalMax makes a real difference because it enables shared responsibility with the client.

Tools like ApprovalMax are indeed critical to us when implementing business process automation. They increase efficiency and control for the business owner and allow us to deliver truly valuable services to our customers.”

Trent Todd

Technical Director, TINKA CONSULTING
“Automating approvals and processes can save a lot of time and, therefore, money. One of our customers with 30 staff actually reduced costs by 39,000 AUD per year. We measure the time spent, so, the larger a business is, the bigger the savings. Another great example is a business with over 140 staff that achieved a total reduction of over 150,000 AUD per year. Implementing the solution here meant 2.5 days a week of the accounts administrator’s time could be reallocated to other activities.”