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Ditch manual approvals and simplify your approval workflow. Automate your accounts payable processes with ApprovalMax and keep track of which bills and invoices have already been approved and what’s awaiting approval. Stay one step ahead with your property developments.

Effortlessly set up complex authorisation rules

Set up complex authorisation approval rules based on rules like project, department, spend, tax code, geo-location and more! With ApprovalMax, you spend less time on manual routing so you can focus more on new developments, system improvements, and project management.

Get full visibility over your approval statuses

Get complete visibility over your approval process, gain more control over your financial workflows and get the full picture as it’s happening. Remind decision-makers about late approvals, check on documents, and avoid budget blowouts using our budget checking tool.

Approve documents on-the-go with the mobile app

Approve financial documents from anywhere, whether you’re meeting with architects, clients, or builders, or you're just out of the office. Ensure that even your most time-sensitive approvals can be processed quickly, no matter where your work day takes you.

Streamline audits with automatic audit trails

Pass audits with ease. Built-in audit trails keep all your financial documents organised and accessible in one place, automating audit preparation so you can ensure consistent compliance throughout your company, whether in projects or the business itself.

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