Approval automation for Cin7 Core

Build layers of financial controls across your inventory management processes.

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Why ApprovalMax + Cin7 Core?

ApprovalMax integrates with Cin7 Core to enhance internal financial controls, security, and efficiency. It brings finance and procurement teams together by automating approval workflows for inventory related purchase orders.

Accounts payable and finance teams can use ApprovalMax to set-up automated approval workflows that pull purchase orders directly from Cin7 Core, Xero, or QuickBooks Online, then send them to relevant stakeholders for approval when certain conditions are met.

How it works
Currently, ApprovalMax supports manual TBA (token-based authentication) to connect with Cin7 Core.
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What people say about ApprovalMax + Cin7 Core

This has filled a hole in the expense management area in inventory which has been quite weak. ApprovalMax being the best approval tool in the app ecosystem, is expanding again and solving a problem.

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