Bills Approved 2 Hours
Bills Approved 1 Day

Why ApprovalMax + QuickBooks Online?

Keeping the approvers
out of the accounting system

Granting everyone access to the accounting system is not safe because it’s impossible to limit users in terms of what they can do or see there. ApprovalMax approvers don’t need to access the general ledger and only ever see the information relevant to the documents that require their approval.

Accounting System

Flexible approval workflows
recreate your delegation
of authority policy

The approval workflows can be as complex or as simple as you need them. You can implement a variety of rules for each approval step and have as many steps as you like. No matter how complex your delegation of authority policy is, it can be automated with ApprovalMax.


Automatically generated
audit reports

You no longer need to waste time compiling audit logs. ApprovalMax creates for each approved document a detailed audit report, which gets attached to it in the accounting system. There is also the option to provide auditors with access to all the approval workflows in read-only mode so that they can easily view and analyse your approval process.

Audit Reports

Eliminating paper
and manual approvals

ApprovalMax is the key app for enabling truly paperless accounting: no need to print out invoices to have them signed off, or send them by email and chase approvers afterwards. We save you that effort by automating the entire authorisation process.

Eliminating Paper

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Reviews from the Intuit QuickBooks App Store

Easy Approvals

Implemented ApprovalMax to eliminate the email chase for approvals. So easy to set-up and use... I love not having to manually chase and followup... and having approvals trail populate right into QBO.


The Amazingness of ApprovalMax

ApprovalMax has taken our companies workflow to the next level when it comes to tracking orders and ensuring a more streamlined process for approving of orders and bills and automating them direct into QuickBooks.


Love it!

ApprovalMax does exactly what we need it to do: run the invoices by the approvers before they are paid. It is extremely affordable, easy to set up, and a cinch to use. The approvers love it, too.

Rene W

Great product!

Very easy to setup workflows, Dext + Approvalmax + QBO is just a game changer if you need to control your company's spend


Great Approval Automation

Approval Max is an intuitive app that improves the approval workflow process within our business. The process is quick and provides an instantaneously visible approval document for audit purposes.


Simple, effective, modular

Simple, effective, modular - gets the job done and assure good governance


ApprovalMax is the best!

ApprovalMax is an easy to use affordable tool. Both the users and the accounting team love it!


Director of Finance

Approval max helped me to instill the culture of approving everything before it is spent.