ApprovalMax is taking convenience to a whole new level by providing notifications in Slack

This means decision-makers can approve, or reject documents and also make comments
straight from their favourite communication tool.

Real-Time Approval Notifications in Slack

Better notifications keep teams connected, and connected teams improve the health of an organisation’s financial controls and overall communication. Adding ApprovalMax to a Slack workspace, means giving decision makers an additional channel to make them aware of purchase orders, bills, and invoices throughout the day.

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Keep Your Communication + Approvals Alive

Fast decisions are made when the right context is provided. Need to ask a question, comment on a bill, invoice, or purchase order? Make your relevant comments via Slack. All comments made are reflected in the workflow history within ApprovalMax.

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Encourage faster approvals

It's more effective to notify decision-makers in channels where they frequently collaborate. Save even more time, and improve business efficiency by notifying decision makers via the communication tool they’re using most throughout their day.

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