How it works

Once a series of payments are selected to be included in the batch, ApprovalMax ensures that the batch follows the set multi-step approval workflow.


Decision makers are able to drill down into each invoice within the batch to ensure it is correct. When this is completed and the decision maker is satisfied, approval can be made in one click.


As per usual ApprovalMax functionality, when there are multiple approvers within a particular workflow and the first decision maker has given their approval, the next decision maker is automatically notified.


When all approvals are completed for the batch payment request, ApprovalMax automatically sends this information to Xero where payment can then be sent to the banking system.


Following this, all individual bills in Xero automatically update their status to ‘Paid’ and a detailed audit report, outlining every step of the batch payment approval, is generated in ApprovalMax.

Batch Payment approvals for Xero are available on our Premium plan. Start a free trial now, or contact sales to discuss upgrading your plan.

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