Bills Approved 2 Hours
Bills Approved 1 Day

How it works

How it works

Why ApprovalMax:

Accounting System

Keep the approvers out of the accounting system

Flexible Approval Workflows

Flexible approval workflows

Audit Reports

Automatically generated audit reports

Manual Approvals

Eliminating paper and manual approvals

Why ApprovalMax + NetSuite?

Faster approvals without purchasing extra NetSuite Licences

Enjoy faster financial processing
than NetSuite approvals, when documents are automatically sent to approvers after bills and purchase orders are created. Approvers are notified through email notifications and the ApprovalMax mobile app which is available for Apple and Android devices. All documents can be approved without logging into NetSuite, meaning no extra licences need to be purchased and valuable time is saved. Gain buy-in from team members due to minimal training required and approval workflows being set up in next to no time.

Netsuite Financial

Protect your business from fraud

Notifications are sent to administrators if suspicious activity is detected. Have financial documents approved by external teams without sharing NetSuite login information, so your business data remains secure. Track all approvals with detailed audit trails that can easily be exported and sent to local tax authorities. Gain valuable insights from pre-built and custom reports.

Netsuite Protect You

Easily set-up complex approval workflows

Manage approvals across all business entities using the same tool, and have workflows set up and working within days instead of months. Set up delegation of authority, with support for multiple decision-makers across different roles, spend limits, and departments. Need to make changes? Edit approval workflows and apply them instantly. Find important financial documents fast with the built-in search functionality.

Netsuite Complex