Track delivery statuses during
the approval process

GRN allows you to effortlessly manage and track the status of your deliverables alongside relevant Purchase Orders (POs) throughout the entire approval process. This can be done by using one of three statuses; not received, partially received, and fully received, to ensure payments are only ever made when goods or services have been delivered. Comments can also be used to add further context to the state of goods and services.

Track Delivery Statuses - Desktop
Track Delivery Statuses - Mobile
Improve inventory management

GRN allows for relevant stakeholders to quickly identify potential delivery issues. If there's an issue identified later on, the GRN and associated comments can also serve as a reference point to start resolution.

Enhance financial control

Ensure that goods have been acquired before payment is made and that the full story has been given to decision makers before invoices are considered for approval. All GRN’s are also made visible in the Audit Report that is automatically generated after each approval workflow is completed.

“GRN is a crucial element to ensure businesses get a better overview of their input and output, whilst also giving their customers a way to check they have received their goods or services before any payment is made."

Brendan Lucas

ApprovalMax Head of Accounting

Brendan Lucas