How it works

Matching bills to purchase orders

Bill-to-PO matching allows to match bills awaiting approval with the approved purchase orders which aren’t market as billed yet. For this, ApprovalMax shows a list of all purchase orders filtered by parameters that must be the same in both the purchase orders and bills at hand.


Matching scenarios and amount allocation

ApprovalMax supports “many-to-many” matching, which means any number of bills can be matched to any number of purchase orders. If you assign an amount to a particular purchase order, you’ll then see the amount allocated to bills on approval and the amount allocated to approved bills as well as the remaining (not allocated) purchase order balance.


View of the remaining balance for bills and purchase orders

It is possible to view the remaining balance of bills and purchase orders, which is the difference between the document amount and the allocated amounts of all matchings to the document. Remaining balances are automatically recalculated when a new matching is created, a matching is removed, or the matching amount gets changed.


Marking purchase orders automatically as billed

The matching settings can be adjusted to have purchase orders marked as billed as soon as the last bill matched to it got approved and the purchase order remaining balance is 0.


When a match becomes unvalid

Bill-to-PO matching will be automatically removed if the related bill is deleted or rejected. The same applies if a purchase order is deleted or rejected. Bill-to-PO matching is also removed automatically if the supplier and currency are modified. You also have the ability to remove matches manually.


Matching bills to purchase orders

Manual matching links a line in a bill that has not yet been approved with the corresponding line in an already approved purchase order. Both bill and purchase order need to have the same vendor, and the purchase order date must be earlier than the bill date.


Flexible matching rules for approval workflows

You can choose from three options: unmatched bills can be approved, bills can be approved if at least one line has been matched to a purchase order line, or bills can only be approved if all lines have been matched.