How much could your organisation save with ApprovalMax?

Maximize your impact and see how much you can save by automating your approval workflows and streamlining your finance function.

How much could your organisation save with ApprovalMax?
How it works

Submitting expenses via ApprovalMax or Dext Prepare

Expense requests can be created and submitted for approval in ApprovalMax. You can also use Dext Prepare to digitally capture expenses and push them to ApprovalMax for approval. In ApprovalMax, you can configure the requesters’ access rights so they can only choose from certain Vendors as a Payee, or from a certain Location.


Multi-step and multi-level authorisation

When an expense has been submitted, approvers will get a notification and be able to review the expense, and either approve or reject it. They can leave a comment (optional), request changes to be made, and in case it’s rejected, give a reason for their decision.


Approved expense

When all approvals have been made, the approved expense is published to QuickBooks Online with the audit report, which is automatically generated.